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Solar Panel

Amorphous Thin-film PV Module

Our panel achieves excellent generation performance at reasonable cost
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Features & Advantages

  • Newest self-developed amorphous silicon / microcrystalline silicon (a-Si/μc-Si) tandem Module.
  • Superior power output and conversion efficiency.
  • Lower temperature coefficients.
  • Higher radiance absorption rate, wider spectrum absorption.
  • Better performance even with partial shading.
  • IEC 61646/61730 – certified.
  • Power guaranty:
    • Maintain more than 90% of minimum rated power for 10 years.
    • Maintain more than 80% of minimum rated power for 25 years.
  • Product warranty
    • Free from defects for 5 years.


  • 5 kw rooftop solar systm at AMC pumping station ahmedabad
  • 5 kw off grid at Bopal Ahmedabad
  • 3 kw solar rooftop system at our site Ahmedabad
  • 5 HP solar pump at prantij
  • 15 HP solar pump at Dist. gandhinagar
  • 5 HP solar pump at Dist. Mehsana
Better performance in weak sunlight environment

Silicon thin film PV with high absorption coefficient also brings the benefit of module installation against any direction of sunlight.

Better performance at high ambient temperature

Silicon thin film PV with low temperature coefficient has much better capability in hot environment.

More resistance against shading

Silicon thin film PV outputs power robustly even in shading condition. Oppositely, crystalline silicon PV doesn’t work well due to some cells without output.

High energy yield
Field test data in Soria, Spain

In summary, silicon thin film PV generates greater electricity power than crystalline silicon PV (based on equivalent specified power of PV modules).