Cinque Terre

myths vs reality

The doubts surrounding solar units are quite valid considering the extent of the layman’s knowledge. Solar-powered systems have the capacity to lend energy to an entire enterprise as easily as they would power up your home. They are as safe from damage as your traditional energy units. In clear words, solar-based units are just as capable as grid providers without adding the burden that comes with the conventional setups.

Cinque Terre

payback/cost retention

The preliminary installation cost is easily regained over a period of time. This occurs as you are steadily reimbursed for the power directed to the grid along with plentiful savings by paying lesser for the energy. Electricity suppliers give out incentives to encourage the transfer of surplus energy to the grid.

Cinque Terre

lasts longer, low maintenance

Your average unit works efficiently for 20 years. Its zero wear and tear coupled with the need to change the inverter arising only after about 5-10 years makes it light and easy on maintenance costs. Your solar panels only require intermittent cleaning so that their reception remains functioning at their best.

Cinque Terre

direct energy generation

Breaking away from the old practice of getting energy from a grid far away, solar-based units generate power for your residence from your residence. Even as tariff rates fluctuate, your house produces clean energy which is entirely your own. With reduced reliability on the conventional grid, you are able to power up your home independently.

Cinque Terre

easy on the environment

A solar energy system reduces your carbon footprint, dilutes your greenhouse emissions, and is hundred percent renewable. All of this while maintaining cost-saving and efficient energy production.

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