Avail upto 30 % government subsidy

If your business falls under any of these categories, you get a chance to enjoy government’s Central Financial Assistance of upto 30%.

Educational Institutions


Social Sectors


Cinque Terre

understanding different businesses

Taiyo understands the specific needs of your business. We adapt our services to the demands of your enterprise and provide the most viable arrangement for its smooth performance. Conscious of your requirements, Taiyo delivers the right setup to fulfil them efficiently.

Cinque Terre

brand image improved

Going solar boosts your brand image in the consumer market tremendously. Your customers feel more secure knowing that the service they use runs on clean and sustainable energy. Turning to solar energy affirms your position as a company that is mindful and concerned about the necessities of the changing times.

Cinque Terre

lower expenses on utility bills

Companies by necessity spend a huge amount of their money on utility bills. With the market being unpredictable and power charges occupying a sizable chunk of the finances, it is wise to invest in a system that makes sure that your energy generation is independent and pocket-friendly.

Cinque Terre

grid reliability reduced

Solar-powered businesses are protected from the price swings of the conventional markets. With your establishment running on self-sustained power, it liberates your operations from grid reliability.

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