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Environment is our Attitude


The rapid development of the world economy and aggressive use of fossil fuels are increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, accelerating climate change and threatening the natural ecological balance. If we do nothing, serious consequences such as the global food crisis, water shortages, worsening pollution, and even ecosystem will collapse.

This energy crisis also affects our communities. As fuel price rise, our modern lifestyles become increasingly expensive, and global inequality worsens. Families and businesses everywhere are facing higher energy bills.

For our communities and the environment, we must find sustainable energy solutions. Solar energy is readily available in abandon today.

Solar is the world's most abundant energy source. Enough sunlight reaches us every day for 5 to 6 hours, to enlighten the world throughout the year. Safe and clean solar energy powers homes, businesses and power plants everywhere.

Solar is a cleaner, safer investment for your family and business. You can immediately reduce your electricity bill, enjoy energy independence from rising energy costs, and increase your home or building's value.

Taiyo Solar is committed to provide smarter energy solutions. Our dedication to producing top quality, high performance products is reflected in our world-record setting.


  • 5 kw rooftop solar systm at AMC pumping station ahmedabad
  • 5 kw off grid at Bopal Ahmedabad
  • 3 kw solar rooftop system at our site Ahmedabad
  • 5 HP solar pump at prantij
  • 15 HP solar pump at Dist. gandhinagar
  • 5 HP solar pump at Dist. Mehsana


At Nirman Group, we firmly believe in eco friendly designs and take care to minimize its impact on natural environment through solar energy. Hence we have started the solar rooftop and solar pump as a focal point of our business.

Over the last four decades, Nirman Group's dream and vision has given innovative and qualitative homes and work places to the people of Ahmedabad. I thank the people of Ahmedabad for reposing their faith in Nirman Group not only as developers but also as a symbol of "Trust" and "Quality". Understanding the changing requirements of people and the need for innovation, we have given Ahmedabad, the famous NIRMAN group, residential projects for people. Our organization has grown on the pillars of trust, transparency and ethics. While adhering to legal and environmental norms for business purposes, we have also taken care to ensure that the organization discharges its social responsibilities towards society at large.

I, on behalf of all at NIRMAN Group, promise you that we shall uphold our tradition of delivering the best in whatever we do, while keeping intact and strengthening our pillars of trust, transparency and ethics.

Taiyo Solar System Integrator, LLP is another venture of NIRMAN Group. Nirman Group is active in various businesses for last 40 years. As a part of expansion Taiyo Solar System is formed which has brought various Solar Energy related Products to our people. Taiyo Solar System Integrator LLP is the latest development at Nirman Group which aims to deliver best and cost-effective products to individuals as well as corporate.

Management Team

Mr. Chetan Shah is a Civil Engineer in Nirman Group since 1987. He is involved from the root level in the development of Taiyo Solar. He has also played the same role in the development of the group of companies. With his vision and attitude the business has expanded and is still growing.
Mr. Prashant also a Civil Engineer in Nirman Group since 1981. Mr. Prashant Shah has also played a major role in planning and designing in 9th street architect.
They have successfully led Nirman Group and expanded it in a very well manner. Both the partners of Nirman Group are Civil Engineers but they have explored fields like Medical Transcription , Medical Billing and an Architect with their enthusiasm and achieved a great success.

Technical Team :

Mr. Dhruv Patel is an Electronic Engineer since 2011.He has started his carrier with Mangalam Micro Devices company till 2015 as a service engineer. He has worked on Servo system of Bharat Bijlee and Hitachi Drive.He has very good technical knowhow of the Taiyo Solar System and is modes of operation.
Mr. Nishit Patel is an Instrumentation Engineer since 2014. He is also very hard worker and has committed himself for making changes in the Taiyo Solar system by his innovative ideas.

Why Taiyo Solar ?

Majority of the world's current electricity supply is generated from various types of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. These are traditional energy sources.....

Latest News

A power plant of 6 KW capacity has been recently set up at one of our premises through which a 5 HP water pump and lights are working nice and effectively.

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company history

Taiyo Solar System Integrator, LLP is another venture of NIRMAN Group. Nirman Group is active in various businesses for last 35 years. As a part of expansion Taiyo Solar System is formed which has brought various Solar Energy Relate Products to our people.


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is involved in various types of businesses for a long time.

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